Know what you owe God!

In Luke 20: 25 Jesus says “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caeser’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

Roman government levied taxes on the land, goods, food, inheritances and of course taxes are not a happy thing for those who pay them. Roman Empire threw so much taxes on people that people starved and ended up bankrupt. Romans had no option but to keep increasing the taxes to sustain the elite. Sounds familiar! Fast forward a few millenia and things haven’t changed much I suppose. That’s a different topic altogether. Bottomline people knew what they owed to Caesar and they mostly ended paying for it without resisting.

Today in order for the government to provide services for our safety, security and well-being of its citizens it needs steady income and one of its main source of income are taxes. Taxes are levied on our income, food, clothing, shelter and everything else and in order to run the show. We understand the need for taxes and we comply every year. The government counts on this steady stream and makes plans accordingly. Money is vital to run anything.

Kingdom of God on the earth needs our support too and it needs its citizen to contribute. Although God does not ask for compliance like the government does, we definitely owe him for the many services He renders without even our knowledge. They come to us indirectly through other citizens in the Kingdom of God. We enjoy Churches, schools, colleges, hospitals, orphanages and other hospice care. These were established because someone sacrificed their personal jobs and took on God’s work and they were supported by God through like minded people. In order for the next generation to carryon establishing and maintaining we need like minded citizens to commit to something in their lives. Only through a steady support we can plan on new things for His Kingdom!

You may argue saying there is no concept of tithing but Jesus has said that we need to be “rich toward God“. In the old testament there was tithing but in the new testament Jesus has elevated this by asking us to be “rich toward God“. Jesus has left the question of the amount to our conscience and that is a question that we ought to be asking every time and you will in your heart agree that it definitely has to be more than tithing!

WE OWE HIM! Let us render unto God!


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